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Typical Kinds of Asphalt Damage

Here are some examples of common asphalt damage and how to address it.

From driveways to parking lots, asphalt is probably the most reliable choice for paving. Being exposed to the elements means that the asphalt will get worn out and damaged over time. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of your asphalt, if you can recognize the signs of damage. Here are some examples of common asphalt damage and how to address it.

Minor Cracks

It’s natural for asphalt to begin cracking a little over time, which means that you have probably already noticed some small cracks here and there. But as we know, cracks can easily spread over time. Usually, asphalt can crack because its materials begin to age and dry, but a crack can also be caused by plant life and chemicals like motor oil and road salt. The best way to handle cracks is to get them repaired before they can spread.


When you first get a new asphalt driveway or parking lot, it will have a beautiful fresh black finish. That color comes from the main binder in asphalt, a type of tar called bitumen. But over time, this material, when exposed to air, will oxidize. For this reason, asphalt will become a dull gray and dry, as well as more worn down and brittle. To combat this, consider getting your asphalt sealcoating.


Last but not least, crumbling occurs from a combination of oxidation and spreading cracks. Also, if there is too much impact on the asphalt, such as from large vehicles, it can speed up the deterioration. You will notice crumbling by the small pieces of asphalt that start to come away when touched. While it’s best to try to prevent crumbling, it will be inevitable once your asphalt gets really old. In that case, you can have the area patched or replaced if you’re ready.

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