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The Main Sources of Asphalt Cracks

Read on to see the most common sources of asphalt cracks.

It can be frustrating to see cracks in your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Even a small crack can easily get worse over time and damage your asphalt. But you might be wondering what causes these cracks to form and how to prevent them. Read on to see the most common causes of asphalt cracks.

Water Accumulation

The main culprit for most construction problems is water. Water accumulation can easily erode through asphalt over time. If you see a pool of water in your driveway or parking lot, that can eventually turn into a big issue. Water soaks through the asphalt over time and weakens its adhesive qualities. You will start to seek cracks from water erosion after not too long.

Sun Exposure

Asphalt is a very durable material, except when it comes to sun exposure. The reason why is because of how asphalt is made of bitumen, which is a heat-sensitive tar material. The heat from the sun can slightly melt asphalt’s materials and cause them to weaken and separate, which makes it crack.

Plant Growth

It’s no surprise that with enough sun and water outside, vegetation will start to grow, even in your pavement. Plants are a lot more resilient than people realize, and they have the ability to slowly break down significant structures over time. A tree root is a great example of something that can ruin your asphalt, and you have probably seen how it creates a skinny hill in the pavement as it grows underneath. Even smaller weeds can find room in an existing crack and make it expand. It’s so important to address any plants you see as soon as possible before they can grow too out of control.


Pavement can get subjected to pretty harsh conditions, even when you might not realize it. For example, the road salt you use in winter might actually contain several harsh chemicals that can wear down the asphalt. Even oil from a leaky car can have a bad effect on the asphalt. If you are wondering what else could cause your asphalt to crack, it’s a good idea to talk to a paving professional.

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