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Should You Pick Asphalt or Concrete for Your Driveway?

Here are some things to consider when choosing between concrete and asphalt for your driveway.

It’s always a great investment to have a driveway installed, whether it is brand new or replacing an old one. When it comes to driveways, you can choose from a variety of materials, but the reliable basics are concrete and asphalt. You might be wondering what some of the differences are between these materials and if one is better for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing between concrete and asphalt for your driveway.


To know the difference between concrete and asphalt, first look at what they’re made of. Concrete cement is a combination of gravel, sand, and a cement powder that is a compound of various minerals like limestone, chalk, iron, silica, and more. Similarly, asphalt contains gravel, sand, and stone, but its main binder is a petroleum tar-like substance called bitumen. These materials affect the longevity of the end product. Concrete sets harder and lasts longer than asphalt; however, the slight flexibility of asphalt makes it easier to repair


Another factor in choosing between concrete and asphalt is the amount of time and money you might have to put into it over its lifetime. In addition to needing more frequent repairs, asphalt will also need periodic sealcoating treatments to keep it in good condition. Concrete is much lower maintenance, but when it does need repairs, they can be more tricky and expensive. Keep in mind that concrete cracks more easily in the cold, which is why you don’t see it as often with Maryland’s fluctuating temperatures.


Although concrete and asphalt have their drawbacks, they also offer many benefits as well. Asphalt tends to look great in any season, and its dark color is perfect for camouflaging stains. It holds up fairly well in major temperature changes and has a pleasantly smooth finish. On the other hand, concrete can be fun to work with because it is so customizable. You can have various colors added as well as shape concrete into pavers for a more dynamic look. Either one is a great choice once you consider what type of driveway will work best for your home.

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