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Questions to Ask the Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asking the right questions can help you make sure you’re getting a service you’re happy with.

In a recent post, we went over the process of an asphalt paving consultation. One of the essential parts you play in that process is bringing all your questions to the paving contractor. But oftentimes, when people aren’t familiar with a process, then they don’t know what type of questions they should ask. Hopefully, this quick guide will help show you what to do on your side of the consultation by asking the right questions to make sure you’re getting a service you’re happy with.

Important References

As with any company, you should get an idea of what their work is like. This includes looking into the contractor’s background and resume. You can ask your contractor how long they have been in business and ask them if they have any references from past clients. A good contractor will be happy to show you their references because they are confident that they will get a positive review.

Breakdown the Project

Next, your contractor will probably already start explaining what you can expect from your asphalt paving project. But it doesn’t hurt to come prepared with additional questions. You can ask them what are the most important elements of the project as well as expected challenges.

Type of Asphalt

Now it’s time to get technical. Ask your paving contractor what type, or grade, of asphalt they will be using. There are a few different grading systems that are based on temperature, thickness, and more. But a knowledgeable contractor will be able to explain to you which one will be the best fit for your particular project and why. Generally, you will be looking for a middle ground asphalt that is suitable for typical residential and commercial paving.


Lastly, sealcoating is another critical part of asphalt paving repair. There are also different types of sealcoating, mainly coal tar and asphalt emulsion. First, coal tar sealcoating was thought to be superior to an asphalt emulsion. However, due to environmental and health concerns, coal tar fumes are considered toxic, and this sealcoating method has been banned in several states, including Maryland. It doesn’t hurt to ask your contractor what type of sealcoating they use, to make sure they are following the law, as well as how diluted it is. Sealcoating does need to be diluted some, but anything higher than thirty percent is too thin and may be a sign of cutting corners.

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