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Post-Winter Parking Lot Repairs

Here are some repair considerations to keep in mind after winter.

It may be the middle of winter, but it is an excellent time to consider the possible damage done to your asphalt parking lot. Despite the best maintenance, a bit of rough winter weather is all it takes to turn your asphalt cracked and faded. That means you could require some parking lot repair.  Here are some repair considerations to keep in mind after winter.


When water seeps into small cracks in asphalt, it will expand as it freezes and makes these cracks worse. Unfortunately, winter weather will make this cycle repeat, to the point where you could have significant damage on the surfaces of your parking lot. Cracks in parking lots can become a serious hazard, both for pedestrians and even vehicles. Make sure to address any cracks as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading.


Winter is also a time when more serious damage can occur.  For example, excess road salt combined with the abrasive action of a snowplow could potentially ruin sections of your parking lot. That is when it is best to call a professional for patching. If the area of damage is large enough, it might be better to have that portion repaved.

Seal Coating

seal coating will protect the repairs safe on your parking lot and help extend the life of your asphalt. However, seal coating is best done when it can cure under the proper conditions; it will need at least 24 hours of temperatures at 50 degrees. Seal coating may not be an option now, but it is good to remember once the winter weather clears up.

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