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Is Winter a Good Time to Have Your Driveway Paved?

Here are some things to consider about having your driveway paved in winter.

When it comes to major remodeling projects, timing can be everything. But sometimes, the year gets away from us, and you didn’t get the chance to have your asphalt driveway paved during the prime season. Does that mean you have to wait through winter? Here are some things to consider about having your driveway paved in winter.

Best Paving Seasons

Typically, the ideal timeframe for asphalt paving is between March and November, depending on the weather. If you shoot for prime paving weather, which is about 70 degrees, then that limits you to the summertime for the east coast, Maryland area. But just because you’re out of season for paving, it doesn’t make it out of the question. Talk to a contractor about your best options.

The Effect of Cold Weather

The outdoor temperature and thickness of the pavement are the biggest factors that will affect the results of your driveway. The reason why warmer temperatures are needed for asphalt paving is because of how asphalt can contract as it sets. Temperatures below 50 degrees will make asphalt contract to the point of splitting and cracking. Although this makes winter paving seems impossible if you choose a thick paving overlay instead of a thin one, it can more likely stand up to the cold.

Discuss with Your Contractor

Finding the right contractor is key for such a big project. A good sign, in this case, is someone who is upfront about the risks of paving in winter and who can provide options. Cold seasons can be a dead time for remodeling contractors. But the right contractor is willing to do what is best for your home.

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