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How to Fix Your Potholes

Here are some tips for fixing potholes.

A combination of bad weather and wear and tear causes asphalt to crack and eventually form potholes. Nobody likes potholes because they are unsightly, difficult to drive across, and over time they can get worse. But fortunately, potholes can be pretty easy to fix. Here are some tips for fixing potholes.

What is a Pothole?

Potholes form through the expansion of water in cold weather, as well as water erosion. When vehicles drive over spots of asphalt or concrete that have been weakened in this way, the friction starts to dig up the pothole. Knowing how potholes form can help you spot places in your pavement that could turn into potholes. If you notice a lot of cracks in an area or water pooling on part of the pavement, then you can expect that a pothole will eventually form.

Fixing Potholes

Remedying a pothole is as simple as filling it. But to correctly fill a pothole, you need the right materials and process. First, you will probably need to clean out the area of the pothole so that the new mix will properly adhere. Also, you will need to choose between several different mixes or asphalt or concrete to find the right one to match your pavement. Lastly, you need to have time for the filled-in pothole to cool and set completely before anyone touches it.

Contact a Professional

As you can imagine, there is a lot of knowledge and effort that goes into properly fixing a pothole. You have probably noticed bad pothole jobs where people have tried to patch a pothole with the wrong materials. To avoid making this mistake, you should ask a paving contractor for help. Whether that is to get the advice on using the right mix or if you would rather hire a professional to fix the potholes for you. The sooner you address potholes, the sooner you will reduce and prevent frustration.

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