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How to Avoid Water Pooling in Your Parking Lot

When it comes to uncovered outdoor parking lots, exposure to the elements can become a big problem. In particular, water accumulation can wear down and erode a parking lot quickly. Here are some ways that you can avoid water pooling in your parking lot.

Start with a Professional

The best this you can do to avoid pooling water is to have a trusted professional pave your parking lot in the first place. A paving professional will know the exact incline and grading needed. And even if you didn’t have the right professional to take care of your initial installation, it’s not too late to get a consultation to have your parking lot repaired.

Adjust the Incline

In most cases, we recommend adding a 1 percent slope at least on the paved surfaces and a 3 to 6 percent slope at the shoulders to prevent pooling water. This slope will help drain away the excess water so that you won’t have any standing water on your parking lot.

Install a Drain

Many parking lots might not have the ideal location to prevent water from pooling. If your parking lot is on a hill, for example, then it’s impossible to stop gravity from directing water to a certain area. Fortunately, you could easily have an additional drain installed at the low point of your parking lot. Talking to a professional is the best way to address any of your concerns about pooling water to have them fixed.

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