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How Asphalt is Made

Read on to learn more about what asphalt is and how it’s made.

One of the most popular paving materials, it’s no surprise that asphalt is at the top of the list. It’s durable, reliable, and it has an attractive finish. When you come to M&D Paving for a paving project, you can expect the best quality service and materials, especially asphalt. Read on to learn more about what asphalt is and how it’s made.


Asphalt begins as two separate components, which are aggregate and bitumen. The aggregate is a combination of different types of rocks, usually stone and gravel, along with sand. This is a precise mixture that will affect the quality of the end product. The aggregate is blended and heated to dry it. It is then combined with bitumen, a black tar-like liquid that gives asphalt it’s familiar color, which acts as a binder and setting agent.


In order for the two main ingredients in asphalt to be brought together, the process takes form in different degrees. One factory handles the aggregate by mixing and drying it in drums to a specific blend after heating. Afterward, there are a few different options for mixing to create different types of asphalt. Hot mix asphalt uses high heat during the blending process and is the most durable for highways. Warm mix asphalt uses additives, like emulsions and waxes, instead of high temperatures to create a cleaner but less durable product that is suitable for residential areas. Lastly, mastic asphalt uses much less bitumen and is not used for roads.


After the asphalt is ready for the next paving project, there is the matter of delivering it to the site. The most efficient form of transportation is to load it into trucks where it can be poured very similarly to concrete. You will commonly see an asphalt truck at the job site along with steam rollers to smooth out the product as pavers apply it to the construction area. With the proper materials and methods, getting asphalt paving can be a great investment.

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