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Fixing Your Concrete Driveway: Repair, Resurface or Replace?

Here are our tips for helping you evaluate what your driveway might need.

Concrete makes an excellent material for driveways due to its durable and affordable nature. You can customize concrete driveways to fit your landscaping design and driveway needs, making them a popular choice for residential driveways. However, over time, any driveway is going to be subject to wear and tear. Driving, weather, and the freeze/thaw cycle all contribute to wear on your concrete driveway. So when you find cracking, warping, and other damage to your concrete driveway, you may wonder if you should repair it, resurface it, or replace it entirely. A pavement professional can evaluate the best course of action for your driveway. Here are our tips for helping you evaluate what your driveway might need if you’re considering repair, resurfacing, or replacement.

Evaluate Your Driveway Before Repairs

Driveways of any kind are going to be subject to wear and tear over time since they’re exposed to the elements. Maintenance is important for protecting your concrete driveway from damage throughout the year, but over time, cracks and other damage are sure to appear. Before buying supplies or calling in the professionals, check in with the damage and evaluate the level of repair your driveway will need. This will help give you an idea of the extent of repair your driveway will need and what the project will entail.

Repairing vs Resurfacing

Most of the time, damage to your concrete driveway can be fixed by repairing or resurfacing. Repairing is generally the most inexpensive route, and it involves simply patching over cracks, potholes, and other smaller areas of damage. However, patches can affect the look of your driveway and negatively impact curb appeal, so you’ll need to consider how you want the driveway to look. Resurfacing is a bit more involved than simply patching, but it results in a much cleaner appearance for your concrete driveway. This is a good choice if your concrete driveway has sustained extensive damage over time or you want to preserve or boost the curb appeal of your home.

Replacing the Entire Driveway

After many years of use and repairs, you may simply find that your driveway is too far gone. In these cases, replacing the entire driveway is the way to go. This is a longer project that will involve removing the existing driveway and laying down a whole new concrete driveway. Though it is the most expensive option, you may find that it is necessary if your driveway is just too damaged to be patched any longer. Proper maintenance and consistent repair and resurfacing can keep your concrete driveway looking new for years to come, so this durable material should not become this damaged for quite a long time.

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