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Common Sources of Asphalt Damage

Here are some of the most common sources of damage.

When you have a beautiful new asphalt driveway or parking lot, then you want to keep it as nice as you can. That means you should be careful of what comes across your asphalt that could damage it. There are a lot of different things that might potentially ruin your asphalt if unaddressed. Here are some of the most common sources of damage.

Water Damage

The problem with water damage is that it can happen very easily. Asphalt is exposed to the weather, from rain to snow and more, which means that it gets wet all the time. The first way to address water is to make sure that it doesn’t collect in an area of the asphalt. If you notice water pooling in places, try to clear it away as soon as you can. Water not only creates cracks through erosion, but it can also make vegetation grow, which will put more cracks in your asphalt.

Heavy-Duty Materials

Whether there are construction trucks with heavy loads, studded tires on vehicles or something as simple as a rake or shovel, any harsh materials that come into contact with the asphalt will damage it. Even though asphalt is durable, it’s good to remember to be gentle with it. For example, try to use an industrial broom to clean it off instead of a rake, or a shovel in the wintertime. Also, when remodeling your building, it’s best to install the asphalt as close to the end of the construction process as possible.


Finally, nothing will deteriorate asphalt quite like harsh chemicals. It doesn’t have to be something like a harsh cleaner. Rock salt is a common material that many people don’t realize is filled with chemicals that can wear away asphalt and make it look dingy. Also, motor oil stains can eventually break down the asphalt as well. Because you can’t always protect your asphalt from everything, you should get it seal coated periodically because that will not only help keep it from damage, but it will prevent unsightly oxidation.

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