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Choosing the Best Time of Year for Concrete Installation

Choosing the Best Time of Year for Concrete Installation

Here are some helpful tips for planning your next concrete installation project.

Installing concrete — when is it the right time to do so? It can be challenging to determine when you should begin a paving project. However, the decision can be easier than you may think. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect time to install concrete

The Best Time Of Year To Install Concrete

Concrete requires specific conditions for proper installation. Super hot and humid temperatures can severely hinder the installation process overall. In fact, the setting process for some projects can be compromised when pavement is installed during Maryland’s hot summer months. As a result, September tends to be the best time of year to install the material in the mid-Atlantic. Avoiding precipitation is something to keep in mind, as well. Unfortunately, rainfall is less predictable. Still, being mindful of weather forecasts can help you decide on an appropriate time to effectively and efficiently install concrete for your next project. Mild temperatures and a lack of precipitation are why early fall tends to be the optimal time of year to install concrete

Installing Concrete In The Summer Or Winter

Could it be possible to install pavement in the winter or summer? While it can be done, you should keep some essential things in mind when doing so. Installing concrete during more extreme weather conditions can take some extra effort and planning. Contractors installing the material in the winter will need to have specific tools on hand like ground-warming blankets that often aren’t required other times of the year. In the summer, professionals need to be mindful of the ground’s temperature so the surface can set properly. Some may decide to mix the concrete with ice-cold water to cool it and allow it to set more effectively. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than messing up a pavement installation project. Improperly installed concrete can be costly to repair, and a job well-done is easier for clients and contractors alike. Because of this, professionals must take the time to consider weather conditions when paving surfaces to ensure that they set appropriately, effectively, and efficiently. There are tools professionals can use when paving in less than ideal circumstances, but avoiding these conditions is often the best approach. 

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