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Characteristics of a Suitable Asphalt Paving Contractor

Characteristics of a Suitable Asphalt Paving Contractor

When the time comes to find a professional to work on your pavement, look for these attributes to choose the best asphalt paving contractor.

If you own or manage a property, there will likely come a time when you will need to find an asphalt paving contractor. Asphalt is not designed to last forever, and it will break down over time, requiring seal coating, patching, and eventually replacing. If you leave the asphalt damaged, it will only worsen over time, with small cracks becoming big ones and becoming holes. It could become a danger and a liability. When the time comes to find a professional to do this work, look for these attributes to choose the best one.


When you finally decide on a few contractors to bring in to give you some estimates, make sure that they provide that estimate without charge or strings attached. If a contractor wants to charge you for an estimate, find another contractor. Professionals know that taking the time to walk through a job, answer questions, and give a thorough bid is part of the process, even when it’s not a bid they win. If they’re unwilling to do that, they will likely be challenging to work with in other regards.

Bid Inclusions

Once you receive bids from the companies that you had come out, take time to investigate them. Start with the scope of the project. Make sure that it includes everything you expect it to and that each bid includes the same things. Don’t compare apples to oranges. Look at the presentation of the proposal as well. If their paperwork is sloppy, what will their work quality be like? If you don’t understand something or if something is left out, get it clarified and amended before signing.

Project Types

Does the contractor handle the project type that you have in mind, and what else can they do? If the answer isn’t yes, move on. You should find a contractor who can handle any job so you can stick with them for other projects. Just because you don’t need a full repaving of your asphalt now, doesn’t mean that a strong relationship with a contractor who can do it wouldn’t help you in the future. However, if all you need right now is patching or seal coating, finding someone who specializes in just that may save you time and money.


Finally, what is the status of their equipment? If they keep their equipment in good order, it can put your mind at ease about their quality. On the other hand, poorly maintained or overly old equipment could cause delays if it breaks down, pushing your project off schedule. Your ideal contractor should understand that maintenance and investment in new equipment leads to more efficient work and more satisfied clients. 

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