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An Overview of Infrared Asphalt Repairs

Here are some key facts to understand when it comes to infrared asphalt repairs.

Infrared technology has really become revolutionary and increasingly popular. In fact, it can even be used when it comes to asphalt repairs. But, it can be surprisingly complex. Here are some key facts to understand when it comes to infrared asphalt repairs.

What Exactly Is Infrared Asphalt Repair?

Basically, infrared asphalt repairs will use heat or radiation that is directly applied to any damaged asphalt. In fact, it’s this direct application that has the ability to remove the damaged material. Subsequently, new or recycled asphalt is then heated and also bonded to the undamaged areas. Usually, it’s this heating process that can ultimately be quite problematic and complex. Each and every single layer requires individual heat, and that can be tedious. The infrared asphalt repair also involves proper removal of asphalt which can also be cumbersome and complicated. 

All The Factors Determining Success

There are a few essential factors that can almost certainly guarantee success when it comes to your infrared asphalt repair. In fact, proper care and vigilance become integral to any infrared asphalt repairs. But, besides the obvious, there are other key components that play a factor in an infrared asphalt repair. 

  • Moisture: Moisture should definitely be avoided at all costs. In fact, for a successful infrared asphalt repair, it is crucial that moisture is totally avoided. A tiny, small amount of water has the ability to evaporate during the actual infrared heating process. However, the heat and the water combining together can actually damage other portions of the asphalt itself.
  • Avoid Wind: Windy days are not ideal for infrared asphalt repairs. In fact, wind can cause extended time for infrared asphalt repairs, which can ultimately hinder the success of the repair overall. 
  • Ambient Temperatures: It’s the really hot days that tend to be better for infrared asphalt repairs. In fact, with the heating process being such a crucial element of infrared asphalt repairs, having a hot day helps encourage the heating process providing a much smoother and more successful asphalt repair. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, infrared asphalt repairs are unique and complicated. In fact, there are specific elements that can make or break the repairs — quite literally. For a successful infrared asphalt repair, being mindful of all the external factors becomes critical. 

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