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3 Common Parking Lot Issues

Read on for examples of the three most common parking lot problems and how to fix them.

Taking care of a parking lot is a big task. Since your parking lot takes the brunt of the damage from cars and the outdoor elements, it’s no surprise that it shows wear and tear easily. In particular, you might have noticed a few issues with your own parking lot. Read on for examples of the three most common parking lot problems and how to fix them.


It’s unfortunately very easy for asphalt or concrete parking lots to get stained. The mains source of stains is often oil from leaking cars, which can cause unsightly blotches. Even worse than being an eyesore, stains can actually cause damage over time. Many cracks in asphalt start as stains that eroded into the material. The best way to deal with stains is to treat them early. You can use a commercial degreaser to get oil out fairly quickly.


Another very common problem is cracks. It’s natural for parking lots to wear out over time, and cracks are the first signs of the material deteriorating. But, if you fill cracks as they happen, then they won’t get worse. It’s better to address small repairs as needed than to have them turn into a major problem. You can mix concrete patches yourself or call a professional. For asphalt, it’s probably easier to enlist the help of a paving contractor. In the meantime, make sure that you keep the cracks clear of debris and weeds, which can make them worse.


A very prominent issue for asphalt paving, in particular, is fading. Asphalt will very easily fade over time because of oxidation. That is why asphalt that started off a smooth black color will turn into dry, ash-gray, which isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Sealcoating is the best way to keep asphalt looking as good as new. An important thing to remember, though, is that you should address any other issues before you sealcoat. Putting sealcoat on top of cracks and potholes, even on top of stains, won’t solve the problem, but it might make it messier to fix later.

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